fill in the blank...

a few stills from the big movie night

i cannot believe i didn't go to this with my girls... you were missed!!

sex and the city premiere


helicopter crashes on grand rapids hospital roof

Helicopter Crash on Hospital Roof in Grand Rapids from katie barnes on Vimeo.

well... so far, in the first three days of my internship, i've shot three videos, one audio slideshow, and stills for the paper. i think i've been officially deemed the "web bitch." which i'm quite alright with...

it's like your neighborhood white castle, but...

meet buck... and buck

your guess is as good as mine on buck and buck. i was just driving home from work, and out of the corner of my eye i spotted this bizarre appendage on the back of this pontiac. a guy walked by while i was photographing it and said, "bet you've never seen anything like that before. i've seen it around town. it's just ridiculous." he didn't seem nearly as amused as i was. so there you have it, our resident 2 deer (on the back of a pontiac).

someone is working late...


the world's smallest horse

well, it looks like i might be more prolific at this grand rapids press internship than during my typical grad student life! which from my perspective, is a good thing. and from yours - could be a bigger time investment than usual. ;)


work in progress...

this is a website that i've been working on for way too long... it's still under construction - any thoughts so far?? thanks!

my first assignment for the grand rapids press

Potholes on Monroe Avenue from katie barnes on Vimeo.


besides baseball...

there are third wheels...

and sixth grade crushes...

both of which are much more interesting, in my humble opinion...


guess what she's staring at...


will esteemed young painter of columbia (joel sager) please leave comments on my blog!?

attempting to organize the elements...

these photos are from a float trip last weekend on the jack's fork river in southern missouri... to see all of the images go here: www.pbase.com/katiebarnes

the museum that's nothing like a museum...




bringing sexy back

Nancy Shepherd's Pig Farm from katie barnes on Vimeo.

thanks to tully for the anime inspiration.


i only photograph children with beautiful eyes

so... i photographed my cousin kevin's kids last weekend in kansas city. check out the family portrait - john didn't want to be in the back behind everyone so he did a good deal of pouting before finally smiling in a few frames.


oh captions... ok.

Curt Wohleber cradles his 2-year-old son Zeri after hours of playing on their backyard deck in Columbia. Wohleber and his wife recently adopted Zeri from Ethiopia, and wanted family photos taken to show Zeri that he's a part of their family for good.


olan mills style at goatsbeard

to see more photos
from goatsbeard farm:
click here


do not drink