traveling from haiti for a new eye...

this boy traveled all the way from haiti to have his left eye removed and a new prosthetic eye put in. his travel and surgury was funded in part by a christian organization and the hospital here in bellingham. would have been cool to do a longer term story on this... i hope in the future i can work for a publication that would foster such a thing.

the dirtcup at skagit speedway

summer... severely cropped (kind of like my summer in bellingham)

decrepit house 2

projecting star wars...


feature "hunting" (ha ha)...

bovine love


my dream job...

it's actually not as a salmon berry picker. BUT, between assignments today while taking old dirt roads through the county i came upon a road lined with salmon berry plants. i stopped and picked a whole jar's worth and thought to myself, i have my dream job (internship). i get to go and do all sorts of fun and different things during the day... i get to drive through the county and go to the very tops of skyscrapers... i get to meet the most curious of people and talk to them about their lives. tomorrow is my second to last day at the bellingham herald, and i'm going to miss it so much. :(

the danny and josie jam

old rolos...

who knew that rolos turned into modern art after being forgotten in your car for a few weeks?!?

squalicum sunbathing

1 o'clock light

tiny mirrors...

the bay and max

leading lines to the white-crowned sparrow




from the sea...

three is a good number




when i first started shooting this, i was focusing on the tiny patch of green growing... as i was leaning over it composing a shot, a woman walked by and said, "are you shooting that bird? doesn't it look like a bird?" then she just sort of kept walking as i tilted my head a little. i think she was right.