ski to sea, jr.

first one's for amanda lucier

ski to sea gone green

bellingham recently hosted the annual ski to sea race, which is this big deal relay where people go from the top of mt. baker to the bottom of... well, i don't exactly know where they end up because i only covered this first two legs. i'll work on finding that out... but i made this portrait the week before the race of a girl who was on an eight person team that used all human power to get to their respective parts of the race. pretty cool.


fauna flora...

can i just work for a nature publication already?!? oof.

more nature reclamation


the forgiving nature of abandonment

i'm becoming more and more fascinated with this idea of nature taking back over where humans have disappeared. i know there have been tv shows and books on the topic... but i'm drawn to photograph the subtle strength of vines and roots, slowly pulling our efforts backwards into the past... jena - gallery idea?? ;)

mask cara


sleazy statues and rockets

television reflections...

stealing flowers in the name of love...