coming home...


from the archives.. two things that weren't so good, but maybe good for us?

high gas prices and bad hair... if both came back, i'd probably drive less (good), and spend less on shampoo (also good). t$biello always said we should strive to do better things without being forced... maybe this is a nice reminder, without the force. here's to trying! ;)




the merrimack river trip... from franklin to boscawen

from great blue herons to american minks, monitor reporter katy o'donnell and i had an awesome time canoeing down the merrimack for a story about the river for the paper... a huge congrats to katy who recently got a full time job in washington d.c.!

time lapse video of perseid meteor shower from EVOSIA photography...

i rarely re-post other people's work, but this was too amazing not to share. what a fantastic idea!