contains graphic content:

i drove by this scene yesterday on my way home from work... as i'm in love with graphic pictures, i immediately slammed on my brakes. then i said to myself - katie, don't shoot anything else! you've already got too much work to edit through. i started to press the gas pedal, and then thought - what the hell is wrong with you? you're a damn photographer, this is what you do! and so, here it be. some guys in the neighborhood said they've been tearing this area down for the last five months. "i guess they're gonna build something better," they said while raising their eyebrows.


Emily Katelyn said...

Can totally see why you stopped. Sweetness.

danielle said...

I LOVE this series of photos!!!!!
Especially the one with the bricks, window, and moped.

Anonymous said...

yea i really like the second photo...that hole in the wall looks like it's a billboard almost