more than a foot of water in one hour...

so... my first spot news event. ludington, a town about 90 miles north of grand rapids, michigan, flooded today. this was one of the first times that i've had to make pictures quickly. i did not like it, but it was a learning experience. i wish i would've had more faces to focus on... next time.
also - i apologize for the number of photos in this post. i blame drea for living so far away.

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sheila said...

you have some nice images here that really capture the feeling of the flood. It's great to see you blossoming with daily assignments!

OK- you are too prolific for me to keep up with! I always have to wait to see your blog until I'm at Uprise to use the high-speed internet (dial-up at home just doesn't cut it for your blog!) But always appreciate checking in when I get the chance.